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COVID-19: Minimising the impact

The Coronavirus pandemic affects us all and our main priority at eTestware, part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, is to make sure that our teams and partners are safe at all times.

As a result, we have put a number of robust measures in place, including a Remote Working policy that is fully compliant due to the input of our CRIBB Cyber Security brand. This means that we continue to provide the highest service levels to our clients as per usual.

For 20+ years our philosophy has centred on working together; working together as a team, working together with our clients and partners. Today, working together is crucial for us all because we are all in this together.

What To Outsource

What To Outsource

What testing should you outsource and how to break it down

The leadership team has decided to outsource a portion of the QA testing effort in order to improve application testing coverage. Good plan. Now how do you...

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What To Outsource
Send No Junk

Send No Junk

"Send No Junk" considers providing quality documentation

As a software development director or manager, you’ve made the decision to outsource at least one aspect of your QA testing work. The decision has been made...

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Send No Junk
Testing Services Tips

Testing Services Tips

Testing services - Tips for ensuring business value

Here are some tips that help to create value for your business when you are looking to employ outsource software testing services to help the development team...

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Testing Services Tips

eTestware Core Values

Outsourced testing services provide a scalable approach to testing. You pay for the testing you need, nothing more. If you need a quick turnaround on a pre-test before a beta launch, you can schedule a dedicated testing team to provide testing coverage. If you need full regression testing, or even automated test development - you can find the dedicated team you need. Your dedicated testing team works on your project from beginning to end. No more worrying about QA resources getting re-assigned or pulled away from a project before it ends.

Leave the QA test planning, execution, and personnel management to eTestware. Leaving you time to focus more on feature design and development. If you need to change the schedule, no problem. If you require more testing resources for a longer period of time, no problem. You won’t spend time trying to spread out your existing QA resources or recruit “volunteers” to help with testing. Save time by letting Testware manage QA personnel for you.

Dedicated outsourced testing teams are flexible and can respond quickly to new changes. If you have existing QA staff, consider augmenting your test strategy with additional temporary testing resources to increase code test coverage. Making frequent changes? No problem, eTestware resources have your testing needs covered. Keep your development resources focused on the development and leave the testing to your eTestware team.

eTestware provides qualified QA testing resources. We created a reliable team that can pick up work quickly and test both efficiently and effectively. eTestware provides understandable defect reports so developers can fix issues the first time. Additionally, eTestware screens QA testers to provide you with the best testing talent available when you need them, and for only as long as you need them.

Schedule the amount of testing you need, when you need it. Pay for the testing cycles you use. For example, eTestware testing resources perform functional, config, web, acceptance, compatibility, integration, load, security, mobile, migration, platform and usability testing based on your schedule needs. Already have a solid QA staff? Excellent. Consider using eTestware to supplement your testing. Perhaps internal staff are not security testers or don’t have enough time to perform acceptance, compatibility or load testing. You can use eTestware resources to fill in the gaps and generate significant additional QA test coverage ensuring a higher quality code release.

Software Testing Services

We have the right combination of the best talent, technology and passion for top quality results at affordable prices whether you have internal QA resources or not. The below testing services are just part of what we offer.

 Functional Testing  Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Our eTestware team excel with verifying each function of your software application for conformance with your specifications and requirements

 Performance Testing  Performance Testing

Performance Testing

Our engineers will test your software applications to find out how well they work under expected and unexpected workload which include Speed, Stability, and Scalability

 Security Testing  Security Testing

Security Testing

We look for flaws and potential exploits using our testing techniques that highlight security vulnerabilities within your information system and applications

 Blockchain Testing  Blockchain Testing

Blockchain Testing

Blockchain testing is a highly specialized domain that requires eTestware expertise in regulatory, security, data and business process compliance skills.

 Data Warehousing Testing  Data Warehousing Testing

Data Warehousing Testing

Our team has the experience and skills when you need to test the warehouse data for conformity to the rules and standards of your Data Model

 Automation Testing  Automation Testing

Automation Testing

If you are looking to reduce manual testing then our team can create in many cases automation testing to increase test execution, coverage, and efficiency

Why Outsource?

Why outsource? 

These are just some of the issues that our new and long-term clients had to face before coming to eTestware. Please contact a eTestware Expert for more info

Escaping Defects

The last several months you have been unhappy with the number of defects escaping QA testing and being reported by customers.

Poor Testing Skills

Lately, you have been unable to find the expertise needed internally for the type of software testing that would catch defects.

Need In-Depth Testing

You need to see that in-depth detail testing in speciality areas like security, load and performance without permanently expanding the QA team.

Get More For Less

You're looking to get testing coverage without investing in internal QA resources so you may test when you want or need to without the cost of an internal test team.