eTestware was established in 2014 in Estonia, Europe’s own Silicon Valley We are part of theICEway and are used to working with multiple teams We value people

Why outsource? 

These are just some of the issues that our new and long-term clients had to face before coming to eTestware. Please contact a eTestware Expert for more info

Escaping Defects

The last several months you have been unhappy with the number of defects escaping QA testing and being reported by customers.

Poor Testing Skills

Lately, you have been unable to find the expertise needed internally for the type of software testing that would catch defects.

Need In-Depth Testing

You need to see that in-depth detail testing in speciality areas like security, load and performance without permanently expanding the QA team.

Get More For Less

You're looking to get testing coverage without investing in internal QA resources so you may test when you want or need to without the cost of an internal test team.