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As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, eTestware has worked alongside clients in healthcare, cruise & travel, and retail for many years, providing outsourced testing services of the highest calibre. Our team members pride themselves on delivering beyond expectation, offering unparalleled insights and essential value, and today we take a look at what they can do for you…

Why outsource software testing?Perhaps the fundamental question we are asked and the answer is simple; by outsourcing to the experts at eTestware, you can test when you need to and for as long as you need to, with a guarantee that everything will be carried out to a schedule, on schedule.

Such a high level of organisation is often difficult to achieve with internal teams, who generally have other tasks that vie for their attention, not to mention potential issues over illness and availability.
Indeed, in our current situation the lock down has left many companies with furloughed workers, and others with the unenviable task of having to reduce their wage bill. In those scenarios, outsourcing has become an option for at least some of those requiring on going testing efforts.

With our outsourced software testing, businesses for whom software development is key can benefit from access to a dedicated, professional team offering high-quality testing services with increased testing flexibility and turnaround times.

That ultimately means that you can save money.

Our testing experts have also found that the additional resources they are able to offer, along with a fresh perspective, allows them to discover previously undetected usability issues. They can bolster any existing test coverage you might have by turning their focus towards special testing needs such as security and load, giving you and your business a truly comprehensive testing effort.

5 Reasons To outsource• Outsourcing is effective for in-depth testing needs
• Outsourcing can reduce hiring overheads or supplement internal QA efforts
• Outsourcing means that you pay only for the testing cycles you need
• Outsourcing allows you to focus on your primary business
• Outsourcing is S.M.A.R.T:


Outsourcing testing services to the experts at eTestware ensures that you get the testing you need, with a quick turnaround if required. If you need full regression testing, we can help. If you need assistance with automated test development – we’re here with the dedicated team you require.


The eTestware team will take care of whatever you need us to, be it QA test planning or personnel management, allowing you to turn your attentions towards other key areas. If you need a schedule change or more testing resources, we have it covered.


Our outsourced testing teams are flexible and able to respond to new changes quickly. If you need to make frequent changes, the experts at eTestware have all the experience required – what are you waiting for?


Our team of QA testers are fully qualified and have decades of experience. We can pick up work quickly and test effectively and efficiently, with comprehensive, easy-to-digest defect reports provided so that all issues can be successfully dealt with the first time around.


Create a testing schedule based around your needs and we will work diligently towards it, delivering exactly what is required with no fuss. We can perform functional, configuration, web, acceptance, compatibility, integration, load, security, mobile, migration, platform, and usability testing, or we can supplement your own testing in accordance with your needs.

It is our belief that outsourced software testing has always been the most sensible choice, and as things stand in the world today, that belief is now even stronger.


theICEway ecosystem of companies – a collection of IT specialist brands that combine to provide a complete digital solution (eTestware, ICE Technology Services and CRIBB Cyber Security)

QA – Quality Assurance

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