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One of the advantages of outsourcing is the ability to create teams across the globe, literally anywhere high-speed internet connections are available. Software Development companies can take advantage of acquiring skilled team members anywhere in the world. However, many outsourced projects perform or end, negatively due to basic communication and cultural differences that are not overcome. Many teams do not survive the initial resistance or have long-running communication problems.

Regardless of where you are, and where you plan to outsource from - you will encounter resistance. People are human and are inherently insecure when competing for jobs. No one wants their job replaced by someone else, regardless of his or her location. The initial job friction makes creating a productive team more difficult. What if you can outsource in your regional area or locally? Regional or local outsourced teams have fewer cross-cultural differences to overcome, you will save money, and experience fewer communication issues.

Building a team with less resistance

Outsourcing regionally or locally offers distinct advantages over outsourcing on the other side of the world. Either can work well, but using regional or local resources allows you to create a team with less initial and long-term resistance. Why? Because the team works with people in the same general region with comparable salary ranges, and daily experiences. It is easier to build a team when the team members come from similar circumstances and cultural views.

Team members are less resistant because they do not feel replaced by total strangers working for less money. After all, you rely on the internal team for training and support of the outsourced testing team and how they interact with each other is crucial. QA test planning, execution, and result tracking are more comfortable with team members that understand each other’s lingo with less effort. Additionally, there’s an increased feeling in the QA team of being the same, rather than one team is above the other. Working regionally lessens the impact of initial resistance to working with the outsourced testing team.

Fewer communication issues

Another significant advantage of outsourcing regionally, or locally, is team members have fewer frustrations when communicating with each other. QA teams need to communicate effectively for testing, training, and scheduling test executions. QA team efficiency improves with team members that communicate effectively. One reason is the teams are closer in time zones, so there’s less strain when trying to accommodate team members in time zones 9-12 hours apart. The QA team can communicate with similar time schedules, and members can work their standard hours.

Another reason communication improves is the QA team comes from similar areas and cultural backgrounds. Essentially team members enjoy similar life experiences and cultures.

Understanding test cases and plans require similar understanding. If not, you end up with one team executing test cases one way, and another group a different way and entering invalid defects. Editing and updating test cases are also problematic because if a team does not fully understand the application workflow being explained, they will edit out necessary details, and you will end up with diluted or invalid test cases. Outsourcing regionally or locally improves team communication, resulting in greater productivity and a shared understanding of QA principles.

Reduced costs

Building a strong QA team that shares test execution duties with less resistance and friction save costs, Less time is wasted trying to get team members on the same page and trying to solve communication problems with testing assignments, training, and complex test case execution. Additionally, as previously mentioned, less time is lost in travel or working extended hours to accommodate training and testing needs.

Travel costs are significantly reduced when travel methods are varied. In other words, airline travel is expensive, but being able to take a shorter, cheaper train or car ride saves money. It also saves your resources from travel burnout. Additionally, it is easier to visit in person when the outsourced team is in our your region or local area.

Research your local or regional area for grants, tax reductions, or other incentives offered by local governments to increase or retain job numbers. QA is a high tech job, and there are many areas willing to pay you to keep high tech jobs like QA testing in their region.

Outsourcing regionally or locally offers several distinct advantages to outsourcing across the globe. Communication is typically less problematic, and hiring resources in the same general area reduce the initial friction involved when outsourced teams are used. QA testing is a competitive high tech job, keeping higher paying, professional jobs in your area may allow you to apply for business incentives. Additionally, it may be easier to retain highly skilled talent when transferring doesn’t mean moving across the world.