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Next up in our series of revisited articles will be a piece entitled “Test Strategy & Planning for Mixed QA Teams” but for today, with the sun shining here in the UK, we thought we would take a break and instead sit down with perhaps the most revered member of the eTestware team: Bacon the dog…

As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, the team at eTestware has been working with clients across healthcare, cruise & travel, and retail for more than two decades. In all that time, our expert testers have tackled projects large and small, but always with the same amount of dedication and professionalism. In recent years our clients have suggested that we have managed to attain ever greater heights, and this is almost certainly due in no small part to a very important addition to the team.

Bacon, how did you first become involved with theICEway, and in particular with eTestware?Woof.

(Being both Estonian and – well, a dog – Bacon’s native tongue requires some translation so flatmate Jara steps in to provide just that for us)

When Jara used to go to our office in Estonia, I would miss her quite a lot so one day she asked me if I would like to go in with her and instantly became involved with the testing efforts. I was a natural, and also added a lot of positivity within the workplace, something I think we are all missing right now as we work remotely to stay safe.

Bacon, do you participate in any of the QA tests that the team are running?Indirectly I do, because I am always with them when they are tackling the various different types of testing that eTestware can offer. The team members tend to talk through the issues with me and when they come up with the solution I lay down for a bit.

What types of testing does eTestware offer?There are many but some of the key types would be functional testing, performance testing, security testing, blockchain testing, data warehousing testing and automation testing (see Glossary for descriptions).

What are the eTestware team’s core values?One word: SMART which stands for:


The dedicated, outsourced testing teams at eTestware are flexible and can respond quickly to new changes. We can work alongside existing QA staff if you are looking to increase code test coverage, or we can work independently if you are making frequent changes and want to keep your development resources focused on development.

You clearly have a sound knowledge of all things eTestware, but what are your specific skills?I would like to think that I fit in quite well with our SMART values; I am able to go on a short walk in the morning and then a longer one at lunch and an even longer one in the evening (scalable). Although I can be quite excitable, I do know when to be (fairly) quiet if the team are on a conference call (manageable). I’m very fast when I need to be (agile), I am always there to raise a smile (reliable) and I am very punctual (timely).

Any last words before your next sleep?Woof.

(Jara is not here to translate that one, sorry!)

GlossaryFunctional testing sees the team verifying each function of a client’s software application, ensuring that it conforms with their specifications and requirements.

For performance testing, our engineers test a client’s software applications to discover how well they work under expected and unexpected workloads.

With security testing, the team searches for flaws and highlights potential security vulnerabilities within applications and information systems.

Blockchain testing is a very specialised domain requiring expertise in security, regulatory, data and business process compliance skills.

Data Warehousing Testing ensures that clients conform to the rules and standards of their data model.

Automation Testing sees the eTestware team create automation testing to increase test execution, coverage, and efficiency – this is great if you are looking to reduce manual testing efforts.

Top TipStill not sure if you should outsource your testing? Here are some key questions to consider:

- Are you experiencing a large number of defects escaping your own QA Testing?
- Could your own team benefit from assistance with certain types of tests?
- Do you need more in-depth testing at times, without wanting to expand your own team?
- Do you want the ability to increase testing coverage on an ad-hoc basis, without adding to your existing internal cost base?

If the answer to any or all of those is ‘yes’, our experts are only a call away…