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Today we pause our in efforts to revisit articles from the past and instead focus on the here and now as we face an unprecedented global situation.

The team at eTestware, part of theICEway ecosystem, have spent years working together with our client’s IT teams to deliver, and we firmly believe that this ‘spirit of togetherness’ will see us through this challenging time.We work together with clients in healthcare, retail, travel and the cruise industry, and have gone through both highs and lows with them – but no matter what, we share these experiences together.

At theICEway we are keen to celebrate diversity, but at the same time we do recognise that we’re all the same, regardless of where we come from or what our beliefs might be, and the COVID-19 pandemic is something that is affecting us all together.

To keep well, our teams are following the basic advice being given out:

Wash your hands | Use a tissue for coughs | Avoid touching your faceWe also took steps last week to implement new measures in our offices around the globe, all of which were designed to keep the virus from breaking out and spreading, before we switched to a remote working strategy this week to not only protect the well-being of our staff but also to protect the well-being of others – because we are all together in this.

Whatever your own efforts might be, we wish you all the best with them and if there is anything we can do to help, our experts are ready and willing to offer advice.

Good luck and please remember to look after yourself and others as well, something we have embraced wholeheartedly as a team and with all of our clients too, because we are always together.