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This week we revisit an article about documentation in which our testing experts attempted to provide some hints and tips for companies outsourcing their QA testing work. To read the original article in all its glory click here, otherwise ‘buckle up’ as we take you on a whistle-stop tour of the key points…

The article began by assuming that your business had decided to outsource at least one aspect of QA testing, and was then faced with the task of ensuring effectiveness from the external team.The steps to achieve this were then carefully laid out:

- Designate a leader
- Determine what you will test and what you will give to the outsourced testing team
- REVIEW everything before you send it to the testing team – do not send junk!

Let’s take a brief look at these steps in a little more detail…

Designate a leader, a person briefed with knitting the internal and external efforts together and deciding exactly what information should be provided to the outsourced testing team.

Determine what you will test… The leader would need to determine the type of training and documentation to be given to the testers

REVIEW everything… Get the software development team, the manager and any internal QA testers to thoroughly review all documentation sent in order to eliminate JUNK. As we said back then, “Never send junk out to an outsourced team and expect them to figure it out. Send them quality, accurate data and you’ll receive quality test execution and valid defects back.”

The article offered up more than a few pearls of wisdom, and there follow some of our favourites:

“If you send junk in, you’ll get junk back.” (Surely that is a T-Shirt or bumper sticker slogan??)“If your plan is X… make sure that’s understood and part of your SLA”“It is imperative to the project’s success to gather a small team of internal SMEs to validate the depth and accuracy of the Help and end user documentation before it’s sent to the outsourced testing team”“If it’s appropriate, train the outsourced testing service team using the same training materials… [that] you give your customers”So, if you are on the verge of outsourcing your testing needs this year or you are looking for more information, pick up the phone and speak to one of our experts today!

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GlossaryQA testing – Quality Assurance Testing, the process of ensuring that your product is of the highest quality for your customers.

SLA – Service Level Agreement; A commitment between a service provider and a client in which certain elements of the service are agreed; for example, availability and responsibilities.

Top TipThe final line above is just about the best tip we could provide - by all means read through our website and carry your research, but if QA testing is important to you (and it should be!), a conversation with our experts is a very good step forwards...