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As we plough onward in our mission to revisit past eTestware articles offering advice, we arrive at a piece that asks – and answers – an often-asked question (116 million Google results can’t be wrong): What To Do If You Need QA Testers Part-Time Or On An As Needed Basis? You can read that article in full here, or you can try out our summarised version below…

In August 2017 we began this piece by reiterating the fact that software QA testing is a specialised field, with QA testers often required to work in a full-time capacity. We described how they completed tests with developers and suggested that a number of software development companies were in fact able to employ a large scale, full-time workforce.

We then went on to address businesses in a different position; namely, those who were not in a position – for whatever reason – to retain such a workforce, or who simply did not require testers and testing on a permanent basis…

What do you do if you do not require full-time QA testing?Turn to part-time / ‘on-call’ staff?

These are an option, although it is difficult to find people with the required experience who are able to work ‘on demand’. Instead, you could turn to a testing service QA team to access a group of testers experienced in your application and who can work as required. Do this and you will only pay for the work you absolutely need.

What about qualified QA testers?

Recruiting these is very difficult. Both manual and automated QA testers are highly sought after across the globe, and the ability to hire them as needed is severely limited.

A testing service QA team is therefore the best option?

In a word, yes. This would remove you from personnel management and allow you to focus on application development, plus you can hire the testers as and when needed.

The article then went on posit a number of points and questions to be considered when searching for QA testers before any action is taken:

- Focus on the exact experience you might require from a QA tester
- Keep in mind the types of tests you may need
- Do you hire individual testers or a team?
- If your application has mobile and web presences, can the existing team cover both?
- What about security and performance testing?

Ultimately, the article went on to conclude that whilst there are certainly options to consider when you do not require full-time QA testing, a testing service QA team is by far and away the most sensible solution all round. To quote directly from it:

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