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Last week we revisited one of the first articles published on our website about testing services, and today we are going to look at another piece on ‘tips for ensuring business value’. As part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, the team here at eTestware helps to deliver a complete technology solution for our clients, which means that we need to fully understand their business and their business goals – and value is usually quite high on the list!   

Testing Services – Tips for Ensuring Business Value

Back in August 2017 we discussed the advantages of testing services, with a focus on how to manage tests in order to enhance business value – you can read the article in full here, or continue down the page for a summarised version...

Testing services offer:

Increased scheduling flexibility
A variety of QA skill levels
Access to various pieces of hardware

Testing services provide business value, but it is very important to know what types of testing you will need and how you intend to manage the testing.

You can choose to manage the QA testing yourself or you can let the service manage it, but whichever option you take, you should ensure that you track:

Testing schedules
Defect reporting

The question of how you will be receiving and processing the QA work is a critical one when it comes to achieving value, so the planning behind this is absolutely imperative.

Key questions to ask at this point are:

How will you communicate with the testing services team?
Who will be the central contact point?
Who will provide basic training?
What test cases will you provide them with?

Test management planning is crucial, with good first steps to focus on as follows:

Decide on a communication tool (Skype, Google, GoTo Meeting)
Select a contact list for the testing service team to use
Decide on what types of testing you will undertake based upon the types of testing you need
Plan the training process
Update valid test case suites

Testing services teams offer huge advantages:

They automatically enhance load and performance testing
They can provide valuable regression testing
They can deliver a fresh interpretation of existing test cases
A wider variety of testers also expands business value by finding new defects and re-discovering defects that have already been reported


theICEway ecosystem – A collection of companies that together provide a complete technology solution: ICE Technology Services, CRIBB Cyber Security, AIVR Labs & eTestware.

QA – Quality Assurance

Top Tip

QA testing provides the most business value when testing types, schedules, and communication needs are planned in advance.