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Please welcome the all-new ICEbreaker…

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it unparalleled levels of chaos across the entire world, leaving us all scratching our heads as to what is going to happen next.

The team at eTestware, part of theICEway ecosystem of companies, is in lock down and has been for the best part of two months. With seemingly no end in sight and remote working fast becoming ‘the norm’, we are certain that staying positive is absolutely crucial – as is trying to use this time as wisely as is humanly possible.

We are all paying attention to the safety guidelines in place as a matter of course, but as with our fellow team members on board theICEway at ICE Technology Services and CRIBB Cyber Security, we are doing out utmost to be as productive as we can be.

Nothing is as important as maintaining good health but we have found that by aiming to ensure the maximum levels of productivity, we have managed to keep a strong focus and a very positive spirit. Hopefully some of you will have seen recent blog pieces on the ICE Technology Services website about our team members’ remote working routines but if you haven’t, take a look here.

Ever since we have found ourselves setting up home offices and mastering MS Teams, we have kept on helping clients both old and new and we have also come together to collectively revamp our monthly ICEbreaker e-shot. We have also contributed towards a beautiful new logo for theICEway that will officially be launched later on this year but which you can see in all its glory in this month’s ICEbreaker edition!

Another exclusive in the April edition is an update on our new US office and the inimitable Angel Moledo, plus we have also hand-picked our favourite article of the month from our own blog section and one each from ICE Technology Services and CRIBB Cyber Security for your delectation:

Circumnavigating theICEwayJoin co-founder Conor Byrne as he remembers developing theICEway with Ian Richardson – in his garden shed.

Critical healthcare institutions targeted by Cyber-criminalsRead about Interpol’s recent warning about an influx of ransomware attacks against companies on the front line in the fight against COVID-19.

Meet the eTestware MascotMeet our very own Bacon the dog and discover the effect he has had on the entire eTestware team – pre- and post-lock-down.

Take a look at the April ICEbreaker here – we hope you enjoy it!