Software Testing News Mar 2023

As March nears its end, we’re looking back at some of the more interesting testing stories that
30 March 2023

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In recent weeks we have been looking at different software testing types and approaches*. Today we depart
23 March 2023

IoT Automation Testing

Here we present a comprehensive guide to streamlining your testing process though the adoption of IoT
17 March 2023

What is QAOps? (Quality Assurance Operations)

In recent weeks we have looked at some different software testing types and approaches. Today we ask the
10 March 2023

Software Testing News Feb 2023

With March now moving right along, it is time for our regular news round-up. ‘Software Testing News Feb
3 March 2023

DevOps in software testing

DevOps is a combination of practices and tools which can help to automate and integrate processes between
24 February 2023
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