The Importance of Software Testing & why we need it

By Tomomi Uchida Molin. The importance of software testing cannot be overstated. Updating and replacing
7 January 2021

Efficient Software Testing – Set Budgets & Priorities

Efficient Software Testing calls for a robust plan. You must plan how many tests the team executes during
31 December 2020

QA Testers As Needed (Not Full Time)

QA testers operate in a specialized field. They are often hired to provide full-time testing services.
24 December 2020

Right Sourced Testing: Getting Value for Money

Your right sourced testing team is in place but what is their impact? To understand their value to the
17 December 2020

Quality Assurance Testing: Answering common questions

Otherwise known as QA testing. When used in software testing, this process is used to ensure the quality
3 December 2020

Automation Testing

Today we look at Automation testing. We employ technique to automate tasks that are both repetitive and
26 November 2020
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