5 Innovative Trends in the Software Testing Industry

Last week we featured an article on 5 of the key trends we’re anticipating in testing this year*.
18 January 2024

Software Testing Trends 2024: What to look out for

Around this time last year, we looked at testing trends we felt might emerge strongly in 2023. We’re
11 January 2024

AI in Software Testing: Will Artificial Intelligence replace testing?

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, AI continues to revolutionise various industries. As it does
7 December 2023

Expert Insights: Unveiling Cutting-Edge Software Testing Trends

The world of software testing is ever-evolving. New trends are emerging at a rapid pace, poised to
23 November 2023

Software Testing Services UK (eTestware has an office here, too)

As businesses continue to depend on flawless digital experiences, the demand for top-notch software
9 November 2023

Is software testing still in demand? (A very hot topic)

As a team of software testers, we are (sadly) used to justifying the software testing process as a whole.
26 October 2023
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