DevOps in software testing

DevOps is a combination of practices and tools which can help to automate and integrate processes between
24 February 2023

AI-Driven software testing

Today we are looking at another type of testing which is gaining traction fast: AI-Driven software
16 February 2023

Cloud-based software testing

Today we look at the practice of using cloud computing infrastructure to run software testing activities
9 February 2023

Software Testing News Jan 2023

Another month is here and we’re looking forward to more exciting developments in the testing world.
2 February 2023

Shift-left software testing

Today we look at a testing approach that places the testing process earlier in the software development
26 January 2023

Automation in software testing

Automation in software testing refers to using software tools and scripts to automate the execution of
19 January 2023
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