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eTestware is a Tallinn based software testing firm that provides private and public sector organizations with expert and cost-effective outsource software testing solutions. You will work with a team of talented problem solvers who are passionate, collaborative, fun, and extremely motivated. We are a family of innovators, creators, and engineers that have come together from different cultures and countries and putting our heart and soul into every project we deliver. We don't ask for years of experience, because it's not about how long you have been practicing a skill, it's how well you do it!

Passionate Passionate

We are always looking for people who are passionate about their career while putting passion into what they do. When you put enthusiasm, drive, zeal, and motivation into your work then that is the type of person we love to have on our team.

Collaborative Collaborative

By working in a collaborative environment, this allows us to excel in teamwork. It is an immense strength for us as a team to share thoughts and ideas which in the end help provide solutions to our client's problems. When you collaborate at eTestware your input is just as important as anyone else.

Mission Driven Mission Driven
Mission Driven

Here at eTestware, we are a mission-driven company. We strongly value doing work that helps our clients to be immensely successful in their business. Our team members share in this mission-driven environment given us a purpose in delivering a meaningful impact on what we do every day. As we are a mission-driven company, we provide strong growth opportunities to all members of our team as well as educational training.

Empowerment Empowerment

In our team, we strive to foster empowerment by giving each employee the resources, skills, motivation, opportunity and the authority to accomplish their goals. Imagine how it feels to take on new challenges at eTestware with empowerment as part of our culture.

Individuality Individuality

We're always on the lookout for people that have individuality as it defines who you are by showing your unique experience as well as personality and achievements. We look for what your "unique selling proposition" is and will it fit the position that you are applying for. By showing your individuality at eTestware, you will feel a sense of purpose and pride to your team that you likely have not felt with previous employers.

Our Tallinn Office

Main Reception

When you come to eTestware the first place you arrive at is our reception area where you be met by the HR manager for your interview. We have a stock kitchen in case you need refreshments during your time at eTestware.

Main<strong> Reception</strong>

Team Collaboration

Part of our culture is to foster team collaboration where every person has an input to the project. Each member that has ideas or thoughts can contribute to the discussion helping to shape what the solutions will be for a successful outcome to our clients.

Team <strong>Collaboration</strong>